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A Christmas Party to Remember

Our children and their parents were treated to an end of year Christmas Party that they will never forget. Ssimbwa, our Principal, describes it all in a letter.
Dear colleagues,
Yesterday was such a wonderful day full of happiness everywhere at school. At least everyone had a reason to smile. We wish to send sincere appreciations to Mesach for donating 500,000/= for organizing a Christmas party for the children.
It was in fact much  more than a Christmas party for the children. There was dancing, eating, drinking exhibition and sale of products made by children etc. We had earlier on last Friday had a parents meeting to review our journey from the beginning to date, assess ourselves and make plans/recommendations together for next year. Parents were very co-operative. They freely brought several suggestions and when it came to the planned Christmas party for the children, they unanimously agreed that each parent contributes 2,000/= so that the party also includes parents and not children alone.  Considering the financial constraints associated with the parents we have, this was no doubt a sign of love and unity. Although some parents were unable to raise the 2,000/=, all parents were able to come and did contribute something. Some generously donated money to the children in appreciation.
Every time we gather, there is always a sign of increased interest and hope among the parents.
The children become more and more brave and  confident  with increased self esteem. Gone are the days when almost every child was shy.


Prince Ssimbwa Kayondo

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