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Rose Charities Mission Statement

Through innovative, self-sustaining projects and partnerships, Rose Charities supports communities to improve quality of life. We do this within a framework of volunteerism that places emphasis on results. By linking people and working together we all benefit. The Rose Charities international network of independent organizations are not-for-profit, secular and non-political. Stand Tall Education Network is one of these organizations operating under the Rose Charities umbrella.

Stand Tall Education Network

We raise money to support projects that have strong local leadership and dedicated volunteers in communities around the world. We work with them as they find their own solutions to the problems of poverty.

Stand Tall Education Network was founded in 2009 by Nicole Schouela, a Canadian based in Vancouver, BC, after volunteering in Kampala, Uganda for a period of five months. She worked with some of the city’s most disadvantaged children, teaching alongside local volunteer teachers. Through the relationships that developed with these teachers, social entrepreneurs and other Ugandan educators, Stand Tall Education Network was formed.


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