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The Rose Charities Conference

This year the Rose Annual Conference was held in Kampala, Uganda and it was a wonderful opportunity for cross-continental networking, sharing and learning. The overall theme was Excellence in Education and topics included sustainability, networking, fundraising, and identification of health problems in schools, social entrepreneurship and many others. Field visits were organized to the African Hearts School and to Stand Tall Training Centre where visitors enjoyed local food and entertainment from the children. Thank you to the Rose Charities team and in particular to Linda Roberts and Will Grut for organizing a seamless three days. 
JANE        WILL



Stand Tall Training Centre won the top global prize in the developing nation category in the 2012 School Enterprise Challenge competition. This competition was sponsored by Teach a Man To Fish, an organization based in the UK that promotes sustainable education and believes in inspiring and rewarding the next generation of entrepreneurs. In 2011 they launched the School Enterprise Challenge to encourage schools across the world to set up student run school-based enterprises, and spread the word that education really can pay for itself!

Our learners, with the guidance of their teachers, created a business plan that garnered them the top prize in the developing countries category.  Stand Tall won this prize for the chicken-rearing program. The students rear the chickens from baby chicks, make the feed for the chickens at different stages of their development, sell the eggs and eventually the mature chickens. Profits realized from this venture are used to buy more baby chickens and the process starts all over.
Our prize money will be used to buy a cow and the milk will supplement our nutritional program; we will also buy some much needed audio visual equipment and perhaps a goat to act as mate for the one we already have.

Rose Charities Conference in Kampala

Kampala, Uganda, will see Rose Charities, partner organizations, supporters and anyone interested meeting to discuss and hear presentations on education and health training. Rose Charities organizations ‘Brighter Smiles‘ and Stand Tall Education will be the main organizers but input from others such as the Hillman Fund , the Laura Case Trust , Greater Learning is anticipated. Topics will be widespread but cover such interesting areas as peer-to-peer education, health promoting schools (Dr Andrew Macab is an expert in this field), goal focus and enrichment of the education process, and new health promoting and training initiatives. There will be visits to the project sites of Stand Tall and Brighter Smiles, and (on Sat 9th) a strong discussion involvement by school children themselves. The goal is to educate and increase the practical knowledge base of participants, network and update on current areas of success in new health and education initiatives.

The conference is open without charge (up to a certain seating limit, after which a charge may be requested ) to an genuinely interested and/or group representatives.

Download program and information sheet and registration form nb these sheets will be continually updated so please call back and repeat also)

Madeleine is our newest volunteer

Welcome to Madeleine Andersen who is volunteering at Stand Tall for the next 3 months. She brings her experience in teaching English as a Second Language to our students. She’ll be helping our kids hone their English skills and improve their grades in this very important subject.

Madeleine comes from San Francisco, California and is a graduate of Mills College in Oakland, Ca.

Troy Scott bikes for Stand Tall

Troy Scott participated in the GranFondo bike race from Vancouver to Whistler and raised over $1200 for Stand Tall. Thank you, Troy! You’re a true athlete and we look forward to next year’s race.  Troy’s letter follows below.

Troy at the beginning of the race


Celebrations in Whistler










Thanks to all your support, well wishes, and generosity, I made it through the ride in top spirits and with a decent time of 5 hours 14 minutes on Sept 8.

The ride was amazing, the views inspiring, but even more inspiring is the fact that my family and friends donated over $1,200 for Stand Tall Training Centre!
Here’s a link to the FB page which mentions our race:
**I just want to say thanks again, thanks so much. I really was driven to race my butt off, not wanting to let everyone down. It was amazing to share this with you.
All the best,
PS – I am already training for next year!!

Cabbage & Eggs & a fresh coat of Paint

August might mean school break for some but at Stand Tall our L5 students were busy earning money, and learning a trade. Our school classrooms needed a paint job and who better to do it than our very own.

valuable skills


What do fast growing cabbages and fast growing chickens have in common?  They’ll be supplementing our food program and helping to make Stand Tall sustainable. Fried eggs on cabbage with beans and rice. Now, that’s a meal.

cabbage patch

eggs coming soon


Stand Tall has been chosen to host a series of workshops and performances on September 21st, the International Day of Peace.  Thank you to Bwette Daniel Gilbert, who promoted Stand Tall as the perfect venue for the day’s events. Gilbert is a youth peace ambassador representing Uganda and the coordinator of the event at Stand Tall.  Along with a series of workshops there will be a music performance in the evening featuring young rapper MC Flower as well as songs and poetry from our own students.

Gilbert Bwette Daniel, Youth Peace Ambassador


one like this we hope

Each year we allocate some funds towards school improvements. Coming in June is new construction by one of our Stand Tall fathers. He’s building us a guard house, a goat house and a washing station. Two goats will join us at Stand Tall once completed.

In August during school break, we’ll be hiring some of our students to paint the classroom blocks under the guidance of our PTA head who is also a painter by profession. The kids will earn some money and develop new skills and our classrooms will look fresh and clean.

We’ve restocked our chicken coop with 200 new chicks that are growing fast. In six months our hens will be producing eggs and our cocks will be sold off for food. Sale of eggs goes to sustain our chicken rearing project.



A vegetable garden is in the making at Stand Tall. We’ve cleared an area for a garden and planted a variety of vegetables which will be used to supplement and add some tasty variety to our lunch program.  Thank you to Mesach for coming to Stand Tall and sharing his knowledge of agriculture with us. 

Back to School for Term 2

Welcome back Stand Tall learners. Get ready for an exciting new term!  

Reward yourselves by keeping alert, contributing, being on time and doing your homework. We expect a lot from you because we know you’re all very capable.

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